Going for a Swim in the Desert

From Gordon Hirabayashi to Hutch’s Pool

The desert of southern Arizona can be one of the most beautiful and enjoyable places on earth during the months surrounding the winter solstice. But that same desert will make concerted efforts to kill unwary travellers the rest of the year, especially in the summer months when temperatures regularly top 120°F and even the most reliable water sources all but vanish. Many a summertime hiker has longed for a deep pool of cold, clear water to relieve the burning of the torturous desert sun overhead. Hutch’s Pool is just such a place.

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Winter Superstitions

View from the top

As wilderness adventurers in some places are strapping on skis, snow shoes or crampons outdoor enthusiasts in Arizona are donning hiking boots and picking up trekking poles for lowland desert trips.  The Superstition Wilderness Area is particularly popular this time of year with day hikers, probably because of a relatively dense network of shortish trails and convenient access from the Phoenix area.

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Turkey on Mt. Lemmon

Horned Lizard

A Horned Lizard enjoys a quiet, sunny day.

This little critter is not a turkey, but it must live among turkeys.  At least, one would think an area called “Turkey Track” would host more than horned lizards.  My scaled friend, here, was enjoying some pleasant weather in Spencer Canyon campground the day after a particularly stormy night.  The campground is divided into several areas, of which one is called Turkey Track.

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