Knowledge in Flames!

2012-12-24 20.32.33-cropped

‘Tis the eve before Christmas, and I’m not in the house,
I’m not at all sleepy, nor is my spouse,
For three months I survived, on 5 hours per night,
I now need recovery, the flames cleansing might!
The sparks all are kindled, and burning quite bright,
My Talon, my OTSMAN, my mind not quite right…
To the fire I thrust them, one at a time,
Those two worn out volumes, so full of grime.
The fire grows brighter, now fueled by each page,
But more than just paper, it swallows my rage.
I gaze at the embers, all glowing and red,
Just ash now, and flying, quite out of my head.
My training stays with me, and more skills I’ll learn
I’ll grown in my wisdom, and watch stupidity burn!