Turkey on Mt. Lemmon

Horned Lizard

A Horned Lizard enjoys a quiet, sunny day.

This little critter is not a turkey, but it must live among turkeys.  At least, one would think an area called “Turkey Track” would host more than horned lizards.  My scaled friend, here, was enjoying some pleasant weather in Spencer Canyon campground the day after a particularly stormy night.  The campground is divided into several areas, of which one is called Turkey Track.

I can understand why my reptilian camp-mate chose the Turkey Track area as a home.  It is quiet and secluded, and, though I doubt horned lizards really appreciate it, a very short walk from camp site 56 is a brilliant view of Tucson.  Camping here gives as good a car camping experience as I’ve ever had.  The neighbors aren’t to close, plenty of water is available, and there is more than enough room for a group of 17, including several children, to cook, eat, sleep and play without getting, uh, to familiar.